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We Offer State of the Art, Cutting Edge SSL and Security Services


Web SSL Security Specials State of the Art, Cutting Edge SSL and Security Services

Once you have selected the name and design of your website, you then have to be aware of security. If your website is not protected, it may be used by others for unsavory purposes. You do not want your website to be used in ways you do not want. It can be detrimental to the image of your business and cause hours of inconvenience. If you have customers, and your site is not protected, they can become the victims of identity theft and other internet crimes.

Here at Planet WebStar, security is a priority. We want your site to be protected against insidious links. As part of our service, we offer a malware scanner for FREE with all our services purchased. In addition, you receive a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate for your site  quickly. The price you pay for this SSL is much cheaper than elsewhere:  as much as 90% off the average price.  SSL is a kind of digital encryption between our server and your visitor’s web browser.

You will not only be protected from malicious links but also from hijacking attempts from the likes of Firesheep and other internet thieves.  Firesheep is an extension of the FireFox Browser. It sniffs out unprotected “cookies”. If a person wants to, they can take your login information, passwords and more. Firesheep is just one of dozens of these kinds of programs looking to steal information. You have access to UNLIMITED servers that are fully secure.

Why do you need an SSL certificate? It is a clear sign that your customers are safe and their information is protected when sending information through your website. Names, passwords, account numbers, addresses and credit card details are all protected from hackers so they can only be read by the authorized personnel. It is also a type of passport online and shows the website is credible and authentic. The web server and browser know that the connection is encrypted and secured.

You would usually need to pay extra for that type of licensing for every server that you have.

There is no technical difference between the certificates from other companies and ours. 99.9% of browsers recognize it and it offers as much as 256-bit encryption. You can get the best in the industry, along with support and service 24 hours a day, seven days a week! You can also get client-side authentication to improve your security.

The digital certificate is checked to ensure  credibility. This includes:

The serial number and expiry date of the certificate

The holder’s name—whether a company or individual

A “public” cryptographic key copy of the holder

The issuing authority’s digital signature

Additional visual cues for site visitors with the extended SSL certificate. The holder’s name is put against a green background to make it distinctive for the visitor

Validated in full

256-bit encryption

5 year validation period depending on the type of certificate

Browser recognition in 99% of cases

Strict authentication

Customer support 24/7

Up to $250,000 warranty

Unlimited servers covered—each server is charged separately by other authorities

Please go to our High Security SSL Security Pages to browse more or to place your order.

Go to our high security SSL Security Pages to order at:

Go to our high security SSL Security Pages to order at: Go to our high security SSL Security Pages to order at: Go to our high security SSL Security Pages to order at:


Go to our high security SSL Security Pages to order at:



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